We are Tasty Grapes, and it is time for a revolution. It’s time for a change. No more drinking the same bottle over and over again cause your friend said it’s good. No more “opened a bottle and had only one sip then realized you absolutely hate it, but don’t know what to do with the rest” situation. It is time for you to discover your wine preference. Not based on the advice of a friend, the wine store, a rating in an app or the price, but based on your own taste.

Let’s go around the world and discover the world of wine. We sorted out 4 different tasting box of wines from the old and new world- wine tasting has never been easier.

Join us in the wine revolution!

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Red versus White

Are you constantly struggling between red or white? Why limit yourself when you can have both? Tasty Grapes got it sorted for you. We have a great selection of reds and whites from countries around the world. Get a taste of the traditional winery from Italy to the exciting new wine world region – New Zealand. Best thing about this box? No more “your partner wants white but you want red” .


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Revolutionary Red

Don’t you just love a glass of red wine? Can’t decide if you want something light, juicy, spicy or full-bodied? No matter what you like, Tasty Grapes is here to help. Hunting down your favorite red with us. From the foot of the Andes Mountains to the heel of Italy’s boot. From the classic Bordeaux to the heart of South Africa. Discover surprising wines from the Old World and the New World, combined in one red wine tasting box.”

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Wonderful White

Who doesn’t love a glass of refreshing white wine? Light and fruity. Or smooth and full-bodied. Still not sure what you like the best? Developing your palate with us, Tasty Grapes has made a wide selection for you. From sunny California to the medieval villages of Burgundy, and from the rugged Northern Italy to the green grasslands of New Zealand. Let the wine from the Old World and the New World surprise you. We make life easy for you. Everything in one white wine tasting box.

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Chocolate Alliance

There are endless wine pairings, cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, pasta. How about something sweet? Tasty Grapes loves chocolate just as much as we love wine, so we put the two best things in the world in one chocolate wine tasting box. Don’t worry about which truffle goes well with which wine. You can never go wrong when it’s chocolate and wine. Discover what you like and enjoy!

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About us 1

We are
Tasty Grapes.

Who says wine has to be in a bottle? Why stick to the same bottle that you have been drinking for years when you can try something new every day? Stop ordering 'Sauvignon Blanc' or 'Merlot' because you don't know what the other options are. We are going to explore the world with you.We bottle wines from all over the world in a single tube and combine them in our tasting boxes, so you can have something new every day. One glass at a time.

Step by step, glass by glass. Exploring different wines and pairing them with various food and cuisine! You will never have to struggling not knowing what wine to buy.

Don't drink wine. Taste wine.

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